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It is the capital city of Piedmont and of the Metropolitan City of Turinand was the first Italian capital from to The city is mainly on the western bank of the Po Riverbelow its Susa Valleyand is surrounded by the western Alpine arch and Superga Hill. The population of the city proper is31 May [5] while the population of the urban area is estimated by Eurostat to be 1. The city used to be a major European political centre. Fromit was the capital of the Duchy of Savoythen of the Kingdom of Sardinia ruled by the House of Savoyand the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy from to Turin is ranked third in Italy, after Milan and Rome, for economic strength.

guida valgioie

The city has a rich culture and history, being known for its numerous art galleriesrestaurants, churches, palaces, opera housespiazzasparks, gardens, theatres, libraries, museums and other venues. Many of Turin's public squarescastles, gardens and elegant palazzi such as the Palazzo Madamawere built between the 16th and 18th centuries. In addition, the city is home to museums such as the Museo Egizio [14] and the Mole Antonelliana which in turn hosts the Museo Nazionale del Cinema.

Turin's attractions make it one of the world's top tourist destinations and the tenth most visited city in Italy in The city also hosts some of Italy's best universities, colleges, academies, lycea and gymnasiasuch as the University of Turinfounded in the 15th century, and the Turin Polytechnic.

The Taurini were an ancient Celto-Ligurian [17] Alpine people, who occupied the upper valley of the Po Riverin the center of modern Piedmont.

guida valgioie

In BC, they were attacked by Hannibal as he was allied with their long-standing enemies, the Insubres. The Taurini chief town Taurasia was captured by Hannibal's forces after a three-day siege. Both Livy [19] and Strabo [20] mention the Taurini's country as including one of the passes of the Alpswhich points to a wider use of the name in earlier times.

Via Garibaldi traces the exact path of the Roman city's decumanus which began at the Porta Decumanilater incorporated into the Castello or Palazzo Madama. The Porta Palatinaon the north side of the current city centre, is still preserved in a park near the cathedral. Remains of the Roman-period theatre are preserved in the area of the Manica Nuova. Turin reached about 5, inhabitants at the time, all living inside the high city walls.

After the fall of the Western Roman Empirethe town was conquered by the Heruli and the Ostrogothsrecaptured by the Romansbut then conquered again by the Lombards and then the Franks of Charlemagne The Contea di Torino countship was founded in the s and was held by the Arduinic dynasty until While the title of count was held by the Bishop as count of Turin — and — it was ruled as a prince-bishopric by the Bishops. In — it was a lordship under the Marquess of Montferratstyled Lord of Turin.

At the end of the 13th century, when it was annexed to the Duchy of Savoy, the city already had 20, inhabitants. Many of the gardens and palaces were built in the 15th century when the city was redesigned. The University of Turin was also founded during this period.

Piazza Reale named Piazza San Carlo today and Via Nuova current Via Roma were added along with the first enlargement of the walls, in the first half of the 17th century; in the same period the Palazzo Reale Royal Palace of Turin was also built.

In the second half of that century, a second enlargement of the walls was planned and executed, with the building of the arcaded Via Po, connecting Piazza Castello with the bridge on the Po through the regular street grid. Induring the Battle of Turinthe French besieged the city for days without conquering it.

By the Treaty of Utrecht the Duke of Savoy acquired Sicilysoon traded for Sardiniaand part of the former Duchy of Milanand was elevated to king; thus Turin became the capital of a European kingdom.

The architect Filippo Juvarra began a major redesign of the city; Turin had about 90, inhabitants at the time. Turin, like the rest of Piedmontwas annexed by the French Empire in In the following decades, the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia led the struggle towards the unification of Italy.When you start a search on Google, you can quickly find info with search predictions.

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You might need to wait a few days or weeks to see predictions.Italy's largest sea port is indefatigably contradictory, full at once of grandeur, squalor, sparkling light and deep shade. It's a gateway to the Riviera for many travellers today, but a weighty architectural heritage speaks of its former glory — the Most Serene Republic of Genoa ruled over the Mediterranean waves during the 12th to the 13th centuries — and history feels alive in Genoa.

No more is this true than in its extensive old city, an often confronting reminder of premodern life with its twisting maze of caruggi narrow streetslargely intact. Emerge blinking from this thrillingly dank heart to Via Garibaldi and the splendid Enlightenment-era gold-leaf halls of the Unesco-listed Palazzi dei Rolli.

Read More. We've pre-picked the best hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Musei di Strada Nuova Genoa Museum. Palazzo Reale Genoa Palace. Old City Genoa Area. Palazzo Rosso Genoa Museum. Castello d'Albertis Genoa Museum. Boccadasse Genoa Village. Palazzo Bianco Genoa Museum. Spianata Castelletto Genoa Viewpoint.

Primo Piano Genoa Gallery.

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Cattedrale di San Lorenzo Genoa Cathedral. Genoa Pesto Genovese. Day tours. Explore all. Multi-day adventures. Stay at Amazing Places We've pre-picked the best hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.The following is a timeline of the history of the city of TurinPiedmontItaly. Timelines of other cities in the macroregion of Northwest Italy : it.

This article incorporates information from the German Wikipedia and the Italian Wikipedia. See also: Bibliography of the history of Turin in Italian. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Timeline of Turin history. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. Part of a series on the. Prehistoric Italy Etruscan civilization 12th—6th c. BC Magna Graecia 8th—3rd c. Ancient Rome. Post-Roman Kingdoms. Odoacer's Ostrogothic Vandal Lombard independence Lombard under the Frankish rule Frankish as part of the Carolingian Empire Germanic as part of the Holy Roman Empire Italy in the Middle Ages Byzantine reconquest of Italy 6th—8th c.

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Early modern. Italian Renaissance 14th—16th c. Young Italy Thousand. By topic.

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Retrieved 30 June Paravia e c. University of Leeds. Retrieved 1 February New York Times. June 28, Catalogo della Regia Pinacoteca di Torino in Italian.

Torino: Tipografia editrice G. Regio Museo Industriale Italiano in Torino. Statesman's Year-Book.Partiamo quindi dalle tue esigenze specifiche per supportarti con la nostra consulenza e assistenza, con un occhio particolare per i progetti innovativi. C ome avrete capitoabbiamo sempre seguito il nostro cuorequindi non esitate a fare un passo avanti e dirci che cosa avete in mente.

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Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Translate the description back to Italian Italy Translate. Quota Mille: da Valgioie a Giaveno. Si attraversano luoghi di notevole importanza storica per le vicende avvenute durante il periodo della Resistenza Partigiana, Piloni votivi, antiche borgate, angoli suggestivi e tranquilli della montagna piemontese.

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Sentiero Augusto Monti: itinerario ad anello a Giaveno. Si sviluppa nella valle del torrente Romarolo, nel territorio comunale di Giaveno. Un anello con tappa in 5 rifugi che creano una rete di strutture efficiente, necessaria per vivere al meglio un tour impegnativo ma sicuramente appassionante. Sentiero Balcone: itinerario ad anello con partenza consigliata da Susa.

guida valgioie

Tour dello Chaberton: itinerario ad anello con partenza consigliata da Oulx. Percorso escursionistico transfrontaliero ad anello che permette di esplorare le testate delle valli alpine incentrate sul Monte Chaberton, con tappe che si innestano sul Sentiero Balcone nei Comuni di Oulx e Cesana Torinese.

Itinerario transfrontaliero che si snoda tra passi e cime del Massiccio d'Ambin, sito fortemente legato alla nascita dell'alpinismo. Adatto per fruitori di percorsi escursionistici ed alpinistici di alta quota. Crea nuovi itinerari e salvali sul tuo dispositivo per portarli sempre con te. Navigate on the Map by choosing the background you prefer and explore points of historical and cultural interest military architecture, historical events, religious heritage, sites of material culture, historic buildings, monumental fountains, sundialsmonumental trees, infrastructures equipped areas, parking lotswater pointsshelters, mountain pastures.

Enjoy the proposed and officially registered hiking routes, complete with technical data sheet, map, elevation profile and GPX track to organize your outdoor activities Glorious Repatriation of the Waldensians: from the Colle del Piccolo Moncenisio to Bobbio Pellice To celebrate and retrace the Glorious Repatriation of the Waldenses, a km march through Savoy, conducted in 12 days by a thousand men led by the Waldensian pastor Henri Arnaud, who in August clashed with French troops to defend the own valleys.

One Thousand Quota: from Valgioie to Giaveno. Itinerary to discover the peculiarities of the Alta Val Sangone and of the territory of the Coazze Resistance Ecomuseum. We cross places of considerable historical importance due to the events that took place during the Partisan Resistance period, votive pillars, ancient hamlets, evocative and peaceful corners of the Piedmontese mountains.

Augusto Monti Trail: ring route to Giaveno. It develops in the valley of the Romarolo stream, in the municipality of Giaveno. It is a thematic literary itinerary dedicated to the memory of the writer, Augusto Monti, who stayed in the quiet and secluded Armirolo valley, in Cordria. Made in on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his death.

Timeline of Turin

A ring with a stop in 5 shelters that create an efficient network of structures, necessary to better enjoy a challenging but certainly exciting tour. Sentiero Balcone: a circular itinerary starting from Susa. It runs through the medium-sized slopes of the Upper Susa Valley and crosses multiple types of natural environments: ariceti, pine forests of Scots pine, maple ash to touch the pastures and sometimes screes and high-altitude rocky environments.

The central nodes of the entire route are the centers of Susa, Oulx and Bardonecchia. Tour of the Chaberton: circular itinerary with departure recommended by Oulx.Ci siamo organizzati per fronteggiare al meglio le esigenze dei cittadini.

guida valgioie

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